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Redemption Package

The goal of the redemption package is to give you a first position lien against all of the assets owned by the straw man (your name in all upper case letters). There is a principle in commerce that says first in time is first in line. If your lien against the straw man is first, then anyone who wants to enforce a judgment (court action) against the straw man will have to get in line behind you. This should have the affect of making you judgment proof.

The package also takes you through the process of establishing a UCC Contract Trust Account with the Secretary of the Treasury. This step is necessary before you can issue a bill of exchange (BOE). A BOE can be used to discharge public debt. The packet teaches you how to issue BOEs. At this point, we are recommending that people be very cautious with the use BOEs. We are hearing many stories of people who have had negative experiences. However, the choice to use or not use BOEs is yours.

You must gain knowledge in order to gain greater freedom. So, the material in this package is "do it yourself" project. This means you do the work to prepare all the documents. We believe you will gain an understanding of the documents as you prepare them. You need to internalize the information and the implications of each document.  The package contains extensive instructions on how to prepare and process the documents. The entire package contains over 70 pages. The package includes the following components:

Before making your final decision, please review the Disclaimer and Support pages.

If you are interested in requesting this package, please complete the Package Request form.